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Smell Proof Bag with Zipper

$ 12.99


  • Smell-Proof Technology: Lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric, this bag offers superior multi-purpose odor protection. This cigar bag features a carbon lining that keeps your items fresh and odor-free for extended periods.
  • Protective & Durable: The Velcro closure ensures a complete smell-proof enclosure for all your belongings.
  • Highly Functional: This smell-proof bag is both moisture and tear-resistant, safeguarding and preserving your cigarettes and herbs effectively.
  • Contains 5 different layers: Cotton help(1), Filterable Non-Woven Fabric(2), Activated Carbon(3), Filterable Non-Woven Fabric(4), and Protective Polyester Mesh(5)
  • Measuring 6x3.1 inches, this odor-proof pouch serves as the ultimate storage and travel companion—compact, lightweight, and ideal for easy travel.

Package Dimensions:

-6in x3in x0.5in