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Deli Containers & Vacuum Canisters

Deli Containers offer tremendous value and ease of use! These containers can be used over and over, but because they are soooo inexpensive, you can throw them in the recycle bin (or give them away to your guests after a dinner party) with no regrets. My favorite feature is the interchangeable lids! All three sizes use the same size lid, so you can STOP the search of your cabinets for matching tops and bottoms. Try out a small pack of each size and I guarantee you'll be back for more.

Vacuum sealing canisters are the perfect choice for foods with high moisture, like leftovers, soups or stews. They also work great for crushable items like berries, cereal and cookies. Whatever your vacuum sealing needs, FoodVacBags has the solution. Whether you need a canister to work with your vacuum sealer machine or a container that you can seal by hand, you will find the best one below. Every one of them is FDA-approved and BPA-free. Save bags and money by reusing these canisters over and over.

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