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FoodVacBags™ Bags

FoodVacBags vacuum sealing food storage bags are essential for your food preservation needs! The 4.0 mil thick embossed bags help prevent freezer burn and dehydration. For use with almost every brand bag sealing machine, these food saver bags can also be used to store non-food items!

FoodVacBags™ Zipper Bags

Great for retailers, vacuum zipper bags are resealable- locking in freshness of your merchandise! Provide your customers with short-term food preservation of jerky, nuts, pet treats or candies! Commercial vacuum bags in large quantities available! These bags are 3.0 mil thick, and have a fine mesh pattern- great for labeling or logo stickers! Also good for home use. Snack size portions are great for kids!

Weston vacuum sealer bag
Weston® Bags

Weston® vacuum sealer bags are the ultimate food saver!  Now vacuum sealing food is a breeze. These bags are 3.0 mil thick, embossed, and can be used with any vacuum sealing system. Whether you’re vacuum sealing fish, meat, or even produce- use Weston®!

VacMaster vacuum sealer bag
VacMaster® Bags

VacMaster® bags provide a tight seal around whatever you are vacuum sealing! Prevent freezer burn, dehydration, and spoilage of your foods using these 3.0 mil thick fine mesh bags. These bags may be used with a VacMaster® food sealer, as well as any other name brand vacuum sealing machine.