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FoodVacNews - November

Sealing During The Holidays


We'd love for you to FALL in love with vacuum sealing this holiday season!

This season, vacuum sealing is perfect for:

  • Holiday meal leftovers
  • Holiday meal prep
  • Gifts for Parents, Hunters, Food lovers, meal preppers and Families
  • Buy in Bulk & Save

Check out below for some amazing seasonal uses for your vacuum seal, holiday recipes AND best of all, GREAT DEALS for holiday products, just for our readers like you!

We'd Love To Hear Your Vacuum Seal Ideas!

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Holiday Season Vacuum Sealing

Fantastic Holiday Uses for Vacuum Sealing

Holidays are one of the best times to put some miles on your vacuum sealer, from leftovers to food prep, you're going to love these fantastic holiday uses for your vacuum sealer.


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6 Important Vacuum Seal Tips for Hunters

From lures to first aid, we've got some great tips on how you can vacuum seal some of your hunting gear this season to keep everything dry and ready to use.


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Save That Leftover Halloween Candy

Easily save all your uneaten or overstock of leftover Halloween candy!


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Keep Your Freezer Organized this Holiday

We know how tough it is to keep a freezer organized through the year, but the holiday season it gets a bit cramped up! So use these tips to keep it more organized.


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