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Erasable Food Labels and Eraser, 70 ct

$ 6.99 $ 8.99


Try these amazing food labels on our bags, containers or canisters! Never question what's in that tupperware (or when you put it there :) again! Use ANY permanent marker on the label and easily relabel by erasing it with the special included eraser. They work amazingly well and are a must have for any kitchen with leftovers...that would be all of us.

Stop wasting food and money by clearly labeling what you have, so you can use it again. They are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and allow permanent marker to be erased as often as needed. Set of 70 coated adhesive labels. Includes three different sizes; 21 labels measure 1 by 2.5-Inch, 21 labels measure 0.75 by 1.75-Inch and 28 labels measure .5 by .88-Inch. Set also includes one permanent ink vinyl eraser.