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Everyday Sous Vide (it's all French to me) Book

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Chelsea Cole was given an immersion circulator for her 27th birthday and it totally changed the way she cooks. At first she stuck to the usual suspects when sous viding (yes, that’s her verb of choice): tri-tip, flank steak, ribeye… and other beef cuts. But then she started dipping her toes into sous vide egg bites, stuffed burgers, and cheesecake, and realized just how much this thing could do. Let’s be real, though: she still eats a lot of steak. This book is full of recipes with short ingredient lists that you’d cook any given day, not just for special occasions. Way better overnight oats, smoky pickles, and garlicky mashed potatoes are among the many things you’ll learn how to cook in this book.

Author: Chelsea Cole

Publisher: Chelsea Cole

Paperback - 133 pages - English