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Imersa Elite Immersion Circulator Bundle

$ 179.00 $ 193.00 + FREE SHIPPING!


Get both of the sous vide tools you need to make restaurant quality meals at home - the Imersa Elite and the best bags for one low price.

1) This smart Wi-Fi-enabled Imersa Elite has a unique "flip design" and large digital display that is visible at a distance. The body of the Imersa Elite is more compact and has the ability to fit onto a smaller pot if needed and conveniently stores nicely into a standard kitchen drawer with ease. The circulating pump ensures the water temperature is precise throughout the cooking time and will heat up to 30 liters of water. Enjoy a gourmet meal at home that your inner foodie will love.

Powerful: Unique, powerful pump design with circulating rate of 3.4 liters/minute, enables accurate, precise, and  stable temperature control.

Foldable: “Flip-display’ design means larger, more readable digital display, easier time/temperature setting, avoidance of electronics-invading steam and storage in standard kitchen drawers.

Flexibility: Low vertical (height) profile yields greater kitchen location flexibility compared tube profile models.  

Touch Panel: Elegant digital display is easy and fast. 

Smart: Wi-Fi app-control enabled.

Market’s Safest Product: Core components are dust and water resistance, passing European IP68 safety requirement; whole unit passes European IPX7 submersible safety requirement.

Vigilant: Minimum & maximum water level protection system means worry-free long-time cooking 

Temperatures: Cº or Fº easily selected.

Memory: Previous temperature and time remaining can be easily re-set after unexpected interruption during cooking. 

Contemporary: Compact modern design with latest ‘touch-visibility’ display. 

2) One 8" X 100' Roll of Bags by FoodVacBags®  This bulk package gives you enough bag material to cook meals for months to come. Cut your own length of bag with the attached cutter - no need to stick the giant roll in your sealer. Vacuum with any Foodsaver® or other standard tabletop sealer. Check out some great Vesta Vacuum Sealers if you don't have one already!