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Liquid Block Vacuum Seal Bags

$ 26.99


These amazing new bags offer a special strip that absorbs moisture before it hits the seal - saving you wear and tear on your machine as well as ensuring a perfect seal every time.

  • LIQUID BLOCK VACUUM POUCHES - Featuring an absorbent cellulose strip inside, these vacuum pouches prevent liquids from leaking into the vacuum seal, protecting machine from any excess liquid and giving you excellent sealing performance.
  • EMBOSSED COMMERCIAL GRADE FOOD STORAGE - The deep pattern increases suction for maximum freshness.
  • BPA, LEAD and PHTHLALATE FREE - Safe for cooking and all edibles.
  • FOR ALL MACHINES AND SOUS VIDE - Work with all brands of sealer (i.e. Foodsaver, Ziploc) to safely preserve food. They can be refrigerated, frozen, microwaved, heated and will withstand high-temperature cooking or sous vide water baths..