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4 mil Chamber Pouches - QC Failed Vacuum Sealer Bags - Full Case 1200 8" x 12" Quart Bags

$ 55.00 + FREE SHIPPING!


4 mil poly-nylon blend - 8" X 12" Quart Size Embossed Bags.They work well for Chamber Sealer machines, as the pattern is not needed for suction. The poly nylon bags seal well with an impulse sealer and would be perfect for protecting or storing collectible items.
These bags work as Vacuum Sealer Bags inconsistently. The pattern was not embossed deeply enough on some of the bags, so we don't want to sell them under our brand name. Many customers find they work fine in their Foodsaver/ Weston/ Ziploc machines, other customers have problems. All packages are marked QC failed on the package.

This product can not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii without an additional $25 per case charge. We will contact you for this payment after your order.