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Stock Up Bundle

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Winter is coming! Stock up on all of the vacuum sealer bags and rolls you need to ensure you can take advantage of sales from BJ's, Costco or Sam's Club. Also, don't let the spoils from fall harvest and hunting season get freezer burned over the next few months. Vacuum Sealing keeps all of your food fresh 2-3 times longer. Check out our handy food storage chart for more details.

In this bonus pack, you will get:

1) 100 Premade 8" X 12" Quart FoodVacBags®

2) Two Rolls 6" X 50' Vacuum Sealer FoodVacBags®

3) Two Rolls 8" X 50' Vacuum Sealer FoodVacBags®

4) Two Rolls 11" X 50' Vacuum Sealer FoodVacBags®