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Two 9" Genuine GripStic™ Bag Sealing Rods

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• Two 9" Long Genuine GRIPSTIC™ Bag Sealing Rods
• Handy for all types of bags
• Easy to use:
 1) Fold and crease bag
 2) Place guide under fold
 3) Slide outer sleeve over fold
 4) Center GRIPSTIC™ for tight seal

GRIPSTIC™ sealing rods are a must-have kitchen gadget! The patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness by securing the entire opening of your food bags. A great food saver, GRIPSTIC™ is superior to other potato chip clip or bag clips. This reusable plastic sealing rod prevents moisture and bugs from getting in your food. Eliminate kitchen clutter and keep your pantry neat and organized. The original GRIPSTIC™ is compact, easy to use and easy to store. Assorted sizes work great on chip bags, snack bags, cereal bags, fresh and frozen foods, baking, dry ingredients bags, even food saver bags and much more!