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Vesta Smoke Infuser Bundle

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The Food Smoker by Vesta Precision - Gusto lets you add delicious smoky flavor to meats, fish, cheese, sauces, cocktails and other dishes. Pick your preferred flavor of wood shavings, herbs, teas, spices or dried flowers and add them to the chamber. Ignite the chamber and press the button to infuse. When you’re done, the smoker can be easily disassembled for cleaning. This smoke infuser has a sturdy weighted base and an attractive conical shape. Its flexible tubing allows you to infuse flavor where you want it or even create special effects. It’s battery-operated and portable so you can also bring it with you to picnics and barbecues. Requires 4 AA batteries.


Specifically made for the Gusto smoke infuser, these all-natural, unprocessed, and untreated wood chips will provide the purest smoke for your infusions. Whether it be for cocktails, foods, or effects, these wood chips will excite your senses and tantalize your tastebuds! One 1.5 oz. jar of each flavor: hickory, cherry, apple and maple.