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10 Homemade Holiday Gifts Your Friends Will Thank You For

Posted on December 01 2022

10 Homemade Holiday Gifts Your Friends Will Thank You For


When the holiday season rolls around, you could hit the mall or log on to your favorite online retailer, but why not mix it up a bit this year? Anyone can buy a gift for the loved ones in their life but making your own holiday gifts requires an additional level of hard work and dedication.
If you love to make homemade arts and crafts, why not use your hard-won skills to fill the space under the tree? With a little bit of work and some basic materials, you can create some amazing homemade gifts your friends and family will be proud to receive.


  1. Flavor-infused vinegars - Vinegar can be used for so many recipes, and flavored vinegars make great gifts. You can save up your fancy bottles throughout the year, then fill them up with your own vinegary creations just in time for the holidays.
  2. Fresh cookie dough to make or freeze - If you have a special cookie recipe, mixing up a batch or two of dough can be a great holiday gift. Prepare your dough ahead of time and save it in vacuum sealer bags until you're ready to gift it. 
  3. Photo coasters - Photos always make great gifts, but you can give them an extra-special gift by turning them into coasters. Your friends and loved ones will think of you every time they take a drink.
  4. Homemade soaps - Making soap can be a fun hobby, and you can give your creations as gifts when the holidays roll around. Be sure to experiment with different scents and colors until you find the perfect combination.
  5. Hand-painted holiday ornaments - There is something extraordinary about a homemade holiday ornament, so why not use your painting and decorating skills to create a keepsake your recipients are sure to love?
  6. Scarves and gloves - There is nothing cozier on a cold winter morning than donning a pair of warm homemade gloves or a luxuriously long scarf. Winter-weather gear is always an appropriate homemade holiday gift.
  7. Infused vodkas and spiced rums - For the adults on your gift list, vodkas infused with various flavors and hot and spicy rums are sure to cheer up any Christmas morning.
  8. Homemade hot chocolate - There is nothing like a steaming hot mug of chocolate when you come in from the cold, so why not put together a gift basket filled with your very own creations. Hot chocolate is relatively easy to make, and you can infuse your blends with various flavors.
  9. Personalized wooden kitchen utensils - Wooden kitchen utensils are insanely useful, but they are not exactly attractive. You can fix that by using a wood-burning kit or engraving pen to personalize a set of wooden utensils for your favorite newlyweds or other friends.
  10. A wreath for the front door - From floral wreaths to ones with a holiday theme, there's nothing like a wreath to welcome guests to the home. If you have some crafting skills, you can create a homemade wreath your friends will be proud to hang on the front door. Try dehydrating some fruits to add to your wreath. Save any leftover fruits in vacuum seal bags so you can use them later. 


The holiday season will be here before you know it, so why not skip the crowded parking lots this year? Making your own gifts is a wonderful and generous thing to do, and the lucky people on your gift list are sure to appreciate the commitment of time and talent it took to create the perfect present. The 10 ideas listed above can get you started, so you can fill that holiday wish list in no time.


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