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Vacuum Sealing Quick Tips & Tricks

Vacuum Sealing Tips & Tricks
  1. Going to a potluck, event or dinner party? Avoid spills and accidents in transit by vacuum sealing your food beforehand.
  2. Always write the name of the dish and the date it was made on the vacuum sealed bag. (You think you’ll remember what it is...most likely you won’t.)
  3. Vacuum seal “wet” foods with a traditional clamp-style sealer by scooting your sealer to the edge of the counter and hanging your bag over the edge.
  4. Make your favorite meat marinades and freeze them in ice cube trays. Place meat in a vacuum seal bag, add a few “cubes” and seal. When you thaw your meat for cooking it will marinate right in the bag.
  5. Use folded wax paper over any potentially sharp bones to prevent poke through on vacuum seal bags.
  6. Most vacuum seal bags can be cleaned and reused (with the exception of bags used with raw meats, greasy foods, fish or bags used in the microwave or boiled).
  7. To prevent fruits from clumping, pre-freeze them in a single layer on a large baking sheet before vacuum sealing.
  8. Don’t overfill a vacuum sealer bag. Make sure there are 2-3 inches of space to ensure a proper seal.
  9. Vacuum seal your pantry essentials during the off season, or when you’re gone. They’ll stay fresh and bug-free. 
  10. Make portion control diets easy by vacuum sealing single portion meals and snacks.
  11. Freeze delicate items first then vacuum seal.
  12. Vacuum seal toiletries to they don't leak while traveling.
  13. Vacuum seal the extra Halloween candy to enjoy later.