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10 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving Season

Posted on November 10 2020

10 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving Season


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be thankful for everything in your life. But it's also a great opportunity to give back to others in some form or fashion. Keep reading to explore 10 amazing ways that you can help other people with your time, resources, and talents.


1. Make Time for Kids

Make it a top priority this November to take time for kids. Whether it's neighborhood kids or family members, take time to make them feel special. Read a book, play a game, buy lunch, or just take time to listen to what they have to say.

2. Assist a Food Pantry

Check out one of your local food pantries and give back to them during the Thanksgiving season. You can contribute a monetary gift, donate food items, or volunteer some of your time to help them organize and stock their pantry shelves.


3. Participate in a Turkey Trot

If you enjoy walking or running for a good cause, you might want to sign up for a turkey trot this year. Turkey trots are typically held on Thanksgiving Day or close to it. Through sponsorships, entry fees, or other types of donations, turkey trots can benefit people in need. If you don't want to run with a crowd many races have become virtual that you can run at home or in your neighborhood. 


4. Prepare Thanksgiving Baskets

Many churches and non-profit organizations make it a seasonal tradition to prepare Thanksgiving baskets for families who need a little help. The baskets or boxes are often filled with items, such as a frozen turkey, packaged stuffing, canned vegetables, and other foods needed to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal.


5. Send Inspirational Cards

Everyone enjoys receiving a little inspiration now and then. November is the perfect time to send Thanksgiving-inspired greeting cards to your friends and family. Write a few kind words of encouragement inside the card to send an extra boost of personal inspiration.


6. Pay It Forward

The next time you are sitting in your car waiting to pay for your fast-food order, also pay for the person's order in the car behind you. They will be thankfully surprised at your random act of kindness and, hopefully, will pay it forward to the person in the car behind them.


7. Visit a Senior Citizen

Senior citizens are often lonely with few, if any, visitors. Create some time around the traditional Thanksgiving holiday to sit down and chat with a senior citizen. Whether it's a family member, friend, or another senior, take time to visit with them and make them feel special. If you can't visit in person try a phone call or a zoom meeting instead. 


8. Deliver Neighborhood Treats

Get to know your neighbors a little better this November by delivering a small treat to each of them. You could take treats, such as a jar of fruit preserves, a box of assorted tea bags, a small potted plant, or a homemade baked treat. Some vacuum sealed homemade beef jerky or dehydrated fruits would make a nice treat. Tie each gift with an attractive ribbon to make it look extra special.


9. Work for Free

Think about who you know that could use a helping hand during November. Volunteer your time to help them out with a task, such as raking leaves, pruning bushes, washing windows, or painting a porch. They will be very thankful for your assistance.


10. Surprise Someone Special

Have some fun this Thanksgiving season while giving back to someone special with a pleasant surprise. For example, host a quaint surprise birthday, retirement, or anniversary party for a special couple or person in your life. Even if the event has to be virtual, it can still be special. Or send an arrangement of fresh flowers, assorted candies, or helium balloons to your favorite somebody.


How will you give back to others during the Thanksgiving season? Choose a few of your favorites from the 10 listed suggestions and put them into action this November. Whichever suggestions you select, the recipients will be very thankful for your kind words and assistance.

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