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Organizing for baby's arrival

Posted on April 26 2016

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There's a lot to do as you await a little one, from preparing a nursery to reading up on what to expect those first few days after the baby is born. For most people, family and friends rally around to help, which is great! You'll also have bought your own supplies. Organizing all that stuff before your baby arrives will save you plenty of time and headaches in the long run.

Baby shower presents and hand-me-downs

Having a baby shower is a great way for your nearest and dearest to be able to support you in becoming a parent. It also means you might find yourself with lots of things for the baby that you won't need for months, like 6-month-old onesies or diapers way too big for a newborn. You'll want these things eventually, but right now they're just taking up space. Since things for babies are so little, you can easily put them in FoodVacBags vacuum sealer bags. After you've done so - which is a space-saving measure in itself - clearly label the bags and stash the goods away for when you need them. That way, the only things out and about in the house will be the things you need presently.

First aid and other kits

New parents often feel anxious about how to make sure their babies are happy and healthy, and most of the time everyone does just fine. However, it's best to be prepared. Making a few first aid kits to keep around the house and in the car isn't a bad idea. You may not need much more than a few bandages, something shiny to distract the little one from any pain and an antibiotic ointment, but you'll feel better knowing you have that on hand in case you need it. Make as many of these kits as you like, adding other things you think will be useful, and vacuum seal them. You'll never be frantically looking for a bandage after a little scrape or cut.

You can also construct kits for situations that aren't quite emergencies. This may be more useful as your baby grows, but having something soft and soothing at hand, as well as a pacifier or other comfort object, could be just the thing to calm your little one in an unfamiliar environment. You can make use of all of those blankets and pacifiers you got at your baby shower to put together little kits like this to leave places you may need them, from the car to your mother-in-law's house. Feel free to get creative with this idea, too - maybe it's not a bad idea to have an emergency stash of diapers at your brother's house!

Vital information

While we've all got computers and smartphones to help us keep track of what we need to know, there's something to be said for paper. While you're already doing things with your vacuum sealer, print off a list of emergency contact information for doctors, family members and so on. Then, place it on a cardboard backing and vacuum seal it. Keep the list on your fridge or a kitchen cabinet for easy access - you'll feel more secure knowing it's there, and it will be an easy place to direct babysitters to look once you feel comfortable leaving baby alone for a few hours. Make sure to update this list each time any information on it changes so you and anyone caring for your child have the information necessary in any situation.

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