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17 Alternatives to Candy for Trick-Or-Treaters

Posted on October 07 2021

17 Alternatives to Candy for Trick-Or-Treaters


Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without treats. Kids across the country can hardly wait every year to dress up and attend Halloween festivities and go trick or treating. Candy as been the treat of choice since the 1950s. Each year, more and more parents are looking for alternatives to candy for Halloween. Thankfully, parents are not limited to handing out candy, chocolate, and chips on October 31. Here are 17 great alternatives to handing out sugary confections.

1. Bubbles

Whether they'll admit it or not, even older children enjoy blowing bubbles. Plus, since blowing bubbles is an outdoor-only activity, you can ensure the kids in your neighborhood will be getting a little fresh air before the cold weather hits.

2. Stickers

Stickers are extremely versatile and can be used to decorate just about anything. You can look for Halloween-themed stickers, stickers with cartoon characters on them, or go generic and choose stars, animals, and other fun designs.


3. Temporary Tattoos

Kids will love walking around showing off their unique style wearing their new temporary tattoo. 


4. Glow Sticks

Available at dollar stores, these sticks light up in the dark and can be entertaining and add a degree of safety when trick or treating. Some can be worn as necklaces, bracelets or headbands. 


5. Play Dough

Handing out small tubs of play dough encourages creativity. Kids of all ages will have fun molding their dough into fun shapes. You can look for bulk sets of play dough at a craft store or even make your own at home.

6. Juice Boxes

Giving out juice boxes is a great alternative to handing out candy. However, remember to check the nutritional information before you buy - some juice brands have a lot more sugar than you'd expect.

7. Small Toys

The dollar store is the perfect place to find a variety of small toys that can be handed out on Halloween. Some options include toy race cars, rubber ducks, action figures, Lego pieces, and small plush animals.

8. Costume Accessories

Sure, the kids who visit your home will already have their costumes. But dressing up is fun any time of the year. Kids will love choosing between inexpensive accessories like cardboard monster masks, royal crowns and tiaras, and costume jewelry.

9. School Supplies

Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, and notepads take over the shelves in the weeks before the holiday. Kids always need these types of items, so they're perfect for handing out. You can also make generic school supplies more fun by packaging them in a Halloween-themed treat bag.

10. Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles and other small puzzle games are not only fun to play with, they're also engaging. Solving a puzzle improves a child's focus and problem-solving skills. Much better than giving them a sugar crash.

11. Coloring Books

Children and adults alike enjoy coloring, as the quiet activity is relaxing. Coloring can also improve a child's attention to detail. Small, inexpensive coloring books are a great gift, made even better when paired with crayons or pencil crayons.

12. Plastic Cups

Having their own, special cup to drink from is a point of pride for many children. Most dollar stores will have reusable Halloween-themed plastic cups you can purchase in bulk. Stick to plastic, as glass cups or mugs may break in a child's treat bucket.

13. Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are relatively cheap and have a variety of uses. Items like foam shapes, pipe cleaners, stamps, and ribbon are sure to please any child. You can also choose full kits that come with the materials and instructions for building a specific craft.


Handing out bookmarks is a great solution to the no-candy problem, as they are inexpensive and encourage a love of reading. You can pick up a batch of assorted bookmarks from the store or even make your own. If it fits your budget, you can also include a small book.

15. Healthy Snacks

If you're set on handing out food, you can still make healthy choices. Pretzels, crackers, popcorn, trail mix, and fruit leather are all good options. However, be sure to check the sugar levels and sodium content as some "healthy" foods can be deceptively unhealthy.

16. Cookie Cutters

Baking cookies is an activity most children really enjoy, so handing out cookie cutters is a fun idea. Halloween-themed cookie cutters come shaped as things like bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. You can also skip ahead and choose Christmas-themed cookie cutters.

17. Coupons

Many kid-friendly places like theme parks, bowling alleys and petting zoos offer coupons for admission or snacks. If you can collect enough coupons, you can help a family have a fun experience instead of contributing to a child's candy overload.
If you don't want to hand out candy, you don't have to turn off the porch lights and miss Halloween altogether. This year, try making the switch to a non-candy alternative. These treats may not be as sweet, but they're just as fun.

If you still plan to hand out yummy treats and happen to have any left over. Here's a few tips on how to vacuum seal Halloween candy.

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