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8 Animals to Hunt this Season

Posted on November 03 2015

Bighorn sheep

You and your buddies are getting ready to go out on the annual hunting trip. This time around, you want to make sure you are prepared for such a trip. First and foremost, as a hunter, you don't want to waste any of the meat you worked so hard to obtain. It's all too common for a great hunt to be ruined in the end when the meat gets damaged from freezer burn by the time you're ready to eat it. Instead of falling victim to such a problem, protect your meats from freezer burn by using FoodVacBags vacuum sealer bags. In addition to the protection from freezer burn, your meats will actually be preserved longer when they are properly vacuum sealed.

Needless to say, the nerves are building in anticipation for the adventure. But what animals are you going to hunt? Have you done your research into which animals provide the best source of meat? If not, there's no need to worry. Here are a few suggestions of what animals you should look for this year:


People have been hunting deer for a long time because of the consistent quality the meat has to offer. Venison remains a popular food choice in American cuisine, and for good reason. Deer are not rare animals and are usually available to hunt all over the country when in-season. Plus, they're not usually aggressive, meaning a safe hunt for you.

Bison or buffalo

Both bison and buffalo meat is often used as substitutes for beef at burger joints all over the place. The meat is tender and has a gamier taste. That can go a long way, especially if you are looking for a specialty burger. These animals are often found in the West and Midwestern parts of the country.


Duck can be the source of a much richer form of meat than chicken. That's probably why duck wings often replace chicken wings on menus. Duck hunting can also be very enjoyable because of the sheer fact that the movements of your target are so sporadic. It takes a true mastery of hunting to be able to take down an air-bound creature.


It can be fairly tricky to hunt elk due to the fact that it lives in such harsh terrain. You can expect to hike up in the mountains or at least through heavy snows in cold areas, but the reward is worth it. Elk meat is very tender. Actually, a lot of hunters prefer the taste of grilled elk steak to beef steak.


Moose is probably not as flavorful as some of the other meats, but the meat is a protein-rich source of nutrients. The fact that the animal is so large makes the hunt worth it. The average moose is huge and, as such, has plenty of meat on its bones.


Squirrels can be found across the continental Unites States and are a source of gamey meat. They can be used in all sorts of recipes as well, from soups and stews to simply being thrown on the grill. Squirrel meat is tender and even more available, which is hard to pass up as a hunter.

Mountain sheep

Species of sheep that reside in the mountains, like the Bighorn sheep, are considered by many hunters to be some of the most flavorful sources of meat around. Even without seasoning it, if you grill or roast sheep meat, you will find it tastes as if it has already been seasoned. The appeal of such simple cooking should go a long way among experienced hunters. Be on the lookout next time you find yourself in the Rockies or Sierra Nevada Mountains.


It's the largest rodent in North America, but according to American Hunter, beaver is some of the best meat out there because it falls right off the bone. The meat is fatty enough to be flavorful, but not overwhelmingly so. Some hunters even recommend grilling beaver tail if you're so inclined!


Successful Hunt?  Try our Wild Game Seasoning for the perfect blend of spices to enhance the flavor of your meat!

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