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Making the case for a vacuum sealer

Posted on November 16 2015

Weston PRO 2300 vacuum sealer

If you're thinking about purchasing a vacuum sealer to improve your family's ability to store food and save by buying bulk, you may be a little hesitant. After all, the machine is an investment - and most people are interested in owning one to create savings. You may want to think of how you would use a vacuum sealer before you go ahead and buy one - and you may need to convince others in your household that the addition of another appliance is worth it. Here are a few things to consider:

Get serious about bulk buying

Bulk buying can save an incredible amount on your grocery bills. It's really only limited by the space you have and how long a given item will keep. While a vacuum sealer can't make a pallet of toilet paper fit in your apartment's closet, it can help you organize food and make it last much longer. From dry goods to fruits and vegetables (properly prepared for sealing, of course), a vacuum sealer can make sure you have the ability to buy in bulk as much as you like without ever worrying the food will go bad before you and your family can use it.

Plan meals like a pro

If you're a batch cooker, or would like to be, a vacuum sealer can be your best friend. Cook as much as you can when you have the time, and seal it to freeze. Add good labeling practices and you'll have meals waiting for you whenever you'd like them, no matter how busy you are. Vacuum-sealed meals last much longer than those same meals in a regular plastic bag or container, so there's no rush to get to them. This is also handy for sharing with friends - making you a star in your neighborhood!

Household tasks made easier

The vacuum sealer isn't only your best friend in the kitchen. It can make a lot of different areas of your life more streamlined. For example, go ahead and seal up your junk drawer contents by category and watch as you never frustrate yourself looking for a rubber band again. You can also seal up important documents on a backing of cardboard to keep them safe from water damage or other incidental issues. It's even possible to vacuum seal your silver (whether it's jewelry or cutlery) to keep it from tarnishing between uses!

Don't break the bank on bags

One thing you may notice in the Foodsaver™ aisle of your local store, is that bag refills are expensive. However, FoodVacBags™ Bags and Rolls are a cost-effective alternative that work with all major brand sealers. You can even reuse the bags, as long as they were not holding raw meat. You can also purchase canisters to use over and over again. All of these measures will save you money!

With all these reasons to get one, the last question you'll probably have is why you don't own a vacuum sealer already!

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