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Give a Homemade Gift Basket this Christmas

Posted on December 10 2019

Give a Homemade Gift Basket this Christmas


Can’t decide what to give this Christmas? Does a new sweater sound a little dull, another lotion or candle just seem humdrum? Any gift would be appreciated by the recipient but may appear uninspired. Why not give your gifts a lift by presenting them as part of a homemade gift basket?
Creating a gift basket and tailoring the contents for each special person in your life can be as much fun for you as it is for the receiver. And it needn’t cost a fortune. While a pack of seeds may raise an eyebrow on its own, as part of a gift basket it could raise a smile. Assembling small gifts which suit your budget and presenting them as part of a gift basket gives each recipient a treat to last the whole year.
Let your imagination run as wild as a flower meadow by finding unusual and useful containers to fill with goodies. A wooden or plastic trug-style basket makes an ideal holder. Galvanized metal tubs and buckets can be painted to make attractive and reusable containers. An old milk crate, recycled cookie tins, flower pots and bowls make inexpensive yet eye-catching gift vessels. If your budget stretches further, how about a wheelbarrow filled with goodies? The options are only as limited as your imagination. 
Have fun customizing a gift basket this Christmas with some of the following gift basket ideas. 


Home Cook

Start with a colander as your "basket". Add a couple vacuum sealer rolls, a serving set, measuring cups, apron, fresh spices and rubs. If the budget allows include a new vacuum sealer machine. And don't forget the wine pump to top it off. 



Include tickets to the local movie theatre, a Redbox gift card or a gift certificate to the neighborhood video store. Don't forget to add a couple packets of microwave popcorn and some candy too. Add some flavored salts to make it extra special. How about a popcorn bowl? Toss in a soft blanket as the finishing touch. 


Needing to be Pampered

Gather items that promote relaxation: bubble bath, bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, scented candles, and essential oils. Include scents that the recipient loves. Add soft bath towels, a comfortable robe and warm slippers to really add to the spa experience. Finish the basket off with a bottle of wine. 


Wine Connoisseur

Find a small picnic basket to hold all your hand-selected gifts. Line it with a tea towel and arrange a couple bottles of wine, an assortment of cheeses, crackers, candies, nuts and fruits. Add wine charms for some whimsy. Other options to complete the basket are: corkscrew, wine topper, wine pump, personalized wine glasses or a cheese board with knife.


Sweet Tooth

Make a variety of homemade cookies or other desserts. Create decorative recipe cards of your favorite cookies, cakes and treats. Assemble a "cookie in a jar mix" with a personalized note. Add in some delicious chocolates, fudge, caramels or gummy snacks


Coffee Lover

Obviously start out with the recipient's favorite type of roast and flavor. Maybe add a brand that they aren't willing to purchase for themselves. Include specialty coffees or new blends that no one has heard of. Add in flavored syrups. Toss in some chocolate; try a chocolate covered spoon or edible chocolate straw. Every coffee lover needs a special mug with a quote or graphic that makes them smile. 


Outdoor Gardener

Gather seed packets of fragrant flowers and vegetables favorites. Include heavy-duty gardening gloves and a sunhat. Add a coffee mug or thermos for cold days in the garden. Add a favorite gardening magazine for post-gardening perusal. A moisturizing hand cream soothes tired hands and a garden diary lends an elegant finishing touch. Vacuum sealer bags will help their bounty last all year long.


Indoor Gardener

The perfect choice for gardeners without a garden. Fill your chosen container with a small potted houseplant, pretty garden scissors or a book about indoor plants. A colorful miniature watering-can and attractive water-spray brightens up your indoor gardener’s home. Or how about creating a cactus or bonsai-growing starter kit?


Herb Grower 

A perfect gift for the gardener-cum-cook. Stock your homemade gift basket with packets of herb seeds such as basil, cilantro and parsley. Add decorative pots in which to grow these kitchen favorites on a windowsill. Include a mezzaluna for chopping fresh herbs and your gardening chef will be serving up fragrant dishes throughout the coming year.



Fill a rustic basket with a bird feeder, a bag of wild bird seed or suet cakes, a notebook, pen and bird-watchers handbook. If you can, add a small pair of binoculars.


To finalize each basket, add one more personalized touch with a homemade ornament

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