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Meal Prep: Buying in Bulk

Posted on June 03 2021

Meal Prep: Buying in Bulk


There’s something so gratifying about sitting down to enjoy a savory meal that you’ve carefully prepared. But when dinner is on the horizon and you haven’t had the chance to meal prep, it usually results in a quick meal that’s low on flavor (and probably nutrition!).

You can avoid this common dinner pitfall by doing the upfront work and buying in bulk. Here are some tips to get the most for your money.


Compare Prices

Grocery stores often like to play a presentation game, hoping you’ll grab the product that’s closest and most convenient, instead of what’s actually the best value. Single, grab-and-go items are notorious for this model.

Take an extra moment and compare the difference between buying a single item and buying a larger pack or case of something. Pull out that calculator app if needed. If it’s a product that you or your family enjoys and it makes sense economically to buy in bulk, it’s a no-brainer.


Look for the Sales

Many grocery chains are in constant competition for local shoppers, and that’s another place where you can win. That’s because they might all be advertising for your attention with sales.

Of course, there are membership stores like Costco and Sam’s Club built on the very premise of buying in bulk, but you can often find similar deals at your local grocery store…sometimes even better. In addition to copies and the physical location, most stores today post their ads and flyers online.

Like price comparing, you’re probably familiar with the “buy more, save more” concept. This is ideal for the shopper who is ready to commit to purchasing large quantities of a particular item.

Just be sure to stick with your list, or you could end up adding miscellaneous items to your cart without thinking twice.


Cooking in Bulk

Related to buying in bulk is cooking in bulk—something that’s really captured the eyes of the internet these days and for good reason.

Everyone likes an easy meal that’s essentially already made and might just need a quick reheat in the microwave. Take that family favorite recipe and spend an afternoon making it several times over. Maybe you have some little helpers around the house!

Once done, just portion out your meals for down the road, seal them in FoodVacBags, and save for those busy weekdays when you just don’t feel like cooking.


Marinate and Freeze

Now that you’ve loaded up on your on-sale bulk items, consider taking a portion of those savings and reinvest them in some fresh marinades or seasoning. Or better yet, learn how to make your own and save even more.

You’d be happily surprised how chicken, pork chops or even salmon dishes can taste completely different through the cooking magic of marinades. Pair those dishes with rice, pasta or a side of veggies and you’ll be eating balanced and on-budget.

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