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Shopping Small and Helping Out: How to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Posted on December 20 2021

Shopping Small and Helping Out: How to Shop Local This Holiday Season


To say the past two years have been a challenging time for local businesses would be a vast understatement. From months of total lockdown that saw big-box stores thrive while their smaller counterparts closed their doors to an ongoing labor shortage that is threatening profit margins, the difficulties faced by business owners in the local market seem endless.
The final days and weeks of the holiday season are here, now is the perfect time to give those local business owners a break. You can vote with your dollars and get some great gifts at the same time. All it takes is a bit of targeted small shopping. Here are some creative ways to support the small business owners in your area during the busy holiday season.

Support Local Restaurants with Catered Holiday Meals

The holiday season is a time of fun and feasting, but all that cooking can really take a toll on your time and your holiday spirit. If you would rather spend time hanging out with the people you love than hanging out in the kitchen, why not support the local restaurant community with a delicious catered meal?
You can use local caterers and order food from nearby restaurants, giving yourself a break from cooking and allowing you to explore new cuisines and amazing new flavors. With many dining rooms still closed, a thriving holiday catering business could mean the difference between closure and survival for your favorite restaurant, and in that environment every take-out meal helps.

Stock Up on Gift Cards for Local Businesses

You can support your favorite small business owners even if you do not need anything right now. If your shopping list has already been filled, buy gift cards to use later, supporting small business owners in the most direct way possible.
When you buy a gift card, the revenue is received up front, giving struggling small business owners a financial lift and helping them make it through what is sure to be a difficult holiday season. You can then use those gift cards at your leisure, long after the holiday crowds have departed and you have those small shops all to yourself.

Explore Main Street and Beyond

It's hard to support businesses you do not know about, and you may not know what's been going on while you were quarantining in your home. Now that the lockdowns have begun to ease and the holiday shopping season is well underway, why not skip the mall and find a parking spot on Main Street instead?
Spending a day exploring Main Street and beyond is a wonderful way to get more out of your holiday shopping experience. From tiny boutiques offering amazing clothes and accessories to coffee shops and cafes with wonderful food, you never know what you may find during your day of small business exploration.
If you're unable to get out and walk your downtown, try finding your local Chamber of Commerce website. You will find a list of your local businesses and hopefully be able to shop their stores online from the comfort of your home. 


Spread the Word on Social Media

If you don't have a lot of money to spend this holiday season, you might conclude that there's nothing you can do to support the local business community, but that is not the case. Even if you do not have a single extra penny to spare, you can spread the word about your favorite shops, restaurants and other area businesses on social media.
Mentioning local businesses and talking about how great they are is a wonderful way to drive other shoppers through their doors, and an excellent way to support them in your own way. From mainstream sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to more local-centric places like Nextdoor, you have plenty of options for spreading the word and supporting your favorite local businesses.
The last couple of years has been a tough time for the local business community, with months of lockdowns and closed doors and many more months of limited shopping hours. In this environment, even the best-known local businesses have been struggling to keep the lights on and pay their workers. You can give them a helping hand this holiday season. The tips listed above can help you support your local business owners by voting with your shopping dollars.
The team at FoodVacBags appreciates every order and every customer. Thank you for shopping small.

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