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11" X 50' Gusseted Expandable Vacuum Seal Roll

$ 25.99


These 11" x 50' gusseted expandable vacuum seal rolls are great for vacuum sealing large and over-sized items. We recommend a double seal. 

Gusseted bags:

  • EXPANDABLE - This bag accommodates items up to 14" wide or 11" wide X 4.5" deep, but uses a standard vacuum sealer
  • VALUE - The 50' roll offers substantial savings over other 16' rolls, cut whatever length you need
  • SAFE - BPA Free, Safe to use in the microwave, Wash in the dishwasher
  • CONVENIENT - Transport casseroles or main dishes right in their pans with these XL gusseted bags
  • STOPS WASTE - Eliminate freezer burn and dehydration with FoodVacBags
  • Lock in flavor, texture, aroma, nutrition & freshness for any type of food, meat, produce, herbs
  • Keep food fresh 5x to 10x longer - Locks out moisture and air and reduces freezer burn plus odor proof.
  • Versatile and compatible with most tabletop/clamp vacuum sealers. Reusable, just trim & re-seal!

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