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Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machines


Smart and innovative, Vesta offers a full line of home and commercial kitchen sous vide cooking equipment. Choose from our extensive line of immersion circulators, water baths and vacuum sealers made with incredible attention to detail and premium materials for exceptional quality. Our products feature sleek touch-screen displays, smart Wi-Fi technology and unparalleled precision.

Bring restaurant technology to your home! Chamber vacuum sealing differs from regular vacuum sealing in that the chamber equalizes pressure on the inside and outside of the bag. This means you can seal up soups, sauces or any liquids quickly and easily, without the mess and seal issues that can occur with traditional vacuum sealing. Restaurants use chamber vacuum sealer machines to prepackage meals for sous vide cooking, store leftovers, package sliced fruits and vegetables, and generally get the most of their food investment. Now you can reap the same rewards at home. Another benefit is that chamber pouches are available at a fraction of the cost of vacuum sealer bags, saving you big money in the long run.

  • Now available for home use
  • Great for soups, stews & sauces!
  • High quality Vesta brand
  • Save money on vacuum pouches over embossed vacuum sealer bags
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