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11" X 16" Gallon Vacuum Seal Bags - 100 count

$ 21.99 $ 26.99


Enjoy the convenience of pre-cut vacuum seal bags and the capacity to seal large items with these FoodVacBags 11” X 16” Gallon-size bags. These vacuum sealer bags are perfect for sealing large cuts of meat, pre-made family meals, and more!


  • Precut bags, sealed on three sides
  • BPA Free and FDA Approved materials
  • Freezer, Boil and Microwave Safe
  • Our best bags. Our lowest prices
  • Use for Food and Non-Food Items

Other sizes available! See our complete line of food saver bags and rolls. We have a size option for every need. (Pint, Quart, Gallon, Jumbo)

Want to Make Your Own Gallon Bags? Use FoodVacBags™ 11" X 50' Rolls to create your own vacuum sealing bags! 

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