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6" X 10" Zipper Pint Bags - Black Back Clear Front - 100 count

$ 32.99 $ 34.98


100 Zipper Bags allow you to vacuum seal, open, use, zip back up, and store for maximum freshness, flavor, and safety! These heavy-duty bags work just as well as traditional vac bags, plus you have the benefit of the zipper. Now you can store your items long term, open them, and continue to store what you don't use for the short term! Perfect for nuts, lunch meat, jerky, and items you are selling to others.


  • Reclosable zipper
  • Easy tear notches
  • 5 ply, commercial grade
  • Air removal channels
  • Can be used with most leading brand vacuum sealers
  • Use them to marinate food in minutes
  • Simmer or microwave food right in the bag*
  • BPA Free, non-toxic plastic
  • Great for food and non-food uses!
  • NOT for use with handheld vacuum sealer device (there is no valve)

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