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11" X 50' Metallic & Clear Vacuum Seal Roll

$ 21.99


11" x 50' metallic and clear roll is great for custom size vacuum sealing and displaying food and products.

These bags are:

  • METALLIC BACK & CLEAR FRONT - Make your products stand out in these clear front bags and foil back. Perfect for display. Flip them over to protect the contents from harmful light! 
  • HEAVY DUTY - Commercial grade bags block oxygen and moisture. Embossed air-removal channels increase suction for maximum freshness
  • INCREASE STORAGE TIME AND NUTRITIONAL VALUE - 5-6 times longer freezer storage time, locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value - no freezer burn! 
  • THICK - These metallic bags are thick and sometimes do not work with low quality vacuum sealers. Make sure you have a powerful sealer!
  • BPA FREE and PHTHALATE FREE - Great for food storage PLUS collectibles, valuable documents, silver & electronics