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15" X 50' Vacuum Seal Roll - 2 count

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Introducing the 15" X 50' FoodVacBags™ Rolls, your ultimate solution for vacuum sealing large quantities of food or items with ease and efficiency! Crafted with heavy-duty, embossed material, these vacuum seal rolls allow you to create custom bag lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for every item you seal. The raised pattern on one side of the roll enhances oxygen removal, optimizing freshness and prolonging shelf life.

Whether you're sealing bulk cuts of meat, large portions of produce, or oversized items, these rolls offer the versatility and capacity you need to store much larger amounts with confidence.

Before purchasing, please ensure that your machine accepts 15" wide bags to avoid any compatibility issues.


  • Custom size your bags with no waste, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency in your food storage.
  • Commercial Grade construction ensures durability and reliability, even for the toughest sealing tasks.
  • Freezer & Refrigerator Safe materials preserve the quality of your food, keeping it fresh for longer periods.
  • Microwave Safe and Boil Safe for convenient cooking and reheating options.
  • BPA Free and Phthalate Free for peace of mind, ensuring safe food storage for you and your family.

Experience the best rolls at the lowest prices with FoodVacBags. Upgrade your vacuum sealing game today and enjoy the benefits of prolonged freshness and reduced food waste on a larger scale!

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