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20" x 30" Five Gallon Mylar Bags (10 count) & 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers (10 count)

$ 28.99


Mylar Bags are your first line of defense for long-term food storage. When used with a bucket or tote, Mylar Bags and oxygen absorbers are the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to store food. Buy More Save More when ordering more at one time (choose your quantity in the drop down menu.)
  • 5 MIL
  • AND includes 10 2000cc oxygen absorbers
  • Ideal for long term food storage
  • Light, Moisture, Oxygen Barrier and Puncture Resistant
  • For best results, store low-moisture foods
  • Mylar bags were designed to be sealed with a clamshell heat sealer or an impact heat sealer. Most household clamp-style vacuum sealers will not seal standard mylar bags; most commercial vacuum sealers can seal them.
  • Airtight: keeps the freshness, original taste, smell, and color of your stored food items. It is important to note these mylar bags are not embossed/textured therefore a vacuum sealer will not pull the air out.
  • Mylar Bags are an excellent way to keep out pests and insects from eating or ruining your stored food items
  • Free of BPA and other toxins
  • Mylar Bags aren't just used for food storage of course. They are suitable for the storage and packaging of delicate, sensitive or perishable products, from electronic hardware and components, to biological medical products.

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