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Fireproof File Bag

$ 16.99


  • Available in both Grey or Black
  • Material: High-Grade, Heat-Resistant Silicone Fiberglass Cloth aluminum foil on the inside
  • Skin Safe Lining - With a WATERPROOF SILICONE OUTER, to stop sprinklers, rain, and water damage, double fiberglass heat shield for the ULTIMATE PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE, and a SKIN SAFE LINING to protect your skin from fiberglass scratches.
  • Imported for Outstanding Durability, Capable of Withstanding Extreme Temperatures up to 1000 degrees.
  • Versatile: designed to store most standard and legal documents files, storage devices, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, letters, social security card and any other documents, precious photos, cash, jewelry, and other valuables.
  • Convenient Zipper Closure for Easy Access and Portability
  • Designed for Waterproof and Fireproof Protection, Safeguarding Your Important Documents
  • Stylish Design with Excellent Craftsmanship, Suitable for Both Men and Women
  • Fireproof security bags are suitable for home, office, travel, and emergency preparation, such as rainstorm, hurricane and earthquake.

Dimensions: 13.4inx10.8in