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Save space when you're saving childhood keepsakes

Posted on February 23 2016

stuffed elephant on blanket

If your children have been out of the house for a while now, you might have realized that, despite your efforts to keep their bedrooms completely unaltered, the space could serve a better purpose (while still welcoming them home anytime, of course!). Now you are tasked with the difficult decision of what to do with all of their leftover things. Strangers might look at their rooms as cluttered with junk, but you know that you treasure each and every thing they left behind. Take a deep breath and realize that you can hang on to whatever you want in an organized way and still make the room work for something new. Here are a few suggestions to start off the cleaning process.


Those closets and drawers are full of the evidence of milestones in your child's lifetime. You probably have their first baby blanket, first teddy bear, first lost tooth, a drawing from their first art class, or a photo from the very first day of school. Luckily, most of these items are small enough, so don't hesitate to save as many as you'd like, but try to save space by grouping them together when you can. Limit yourself to one plastic storage box, to ensure you aren't overdoing it. They might want to move some of this to their 'first' apartment, which likely won't be very big!

Stuffed animals

Ah, the memories in those piles of fake fur! These are probably some of the bulkiest items that you've saved over the years. You might not want to throw away your child's whole collection, but you need to find a way to condense the gigantic pile so you don't clutter your attic too much. Use gallon size FoodVacBags vacuum sealer bags to shrink your stuffed animals before storing them. By doing so, you will instantly save on space while still keeping some of your fondest memories intact. This is also a great method for blankies, clothes and other soft items that you want to save for that first grandbaby.

Awards and accomplishments

With report cards, ribbons and trophies, the room probably holds quite a collection of your child's achievement track record over the years. Again, ribbons, certificates and other pieces of paper don't take up too much space. Keep them dry and safe in another FoodVacBag vacuum sealer bag, so your young adult can relive those moments anytime. Be careful about saving too many bulky trophies, though. One high shelf in the newly remodeled room would allow you to pay homage to the accomplishments, without overwhelming the space. If you prefer to even skip that, limit yourself to one storage bin and offer it to them to decorate their new space.

Remember, your child will continue to do great things - including a job and a family and a whole adult life - making way for the new is an opportunity to be celebrated! Happy decorating.

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