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Best Traditional Christmas Dinner Meal Plan

Posted on December 02 2018

Best Christmas meal dinner ham potatoesChristmas time shouldn't be stressful, so when it comes to the meal, it's best to have it planned out. 

And, if you're looking for a more traditional Christmas meal, take a look below. Plus we have a few variations if you want to switch it up a bit!

Traditional Christmas Dinner:

  • Honey Glazed Ham w/Pineapple
  • Whole or Mashed Potatoes w/Ham Gravy
  • Green beans, Green bean casserole or Brussel Sprouts
  • Cheesy Side (ex: Mac N Cheese)
  • Light Salad

Christmas Meal Variations:


Main - Christmas Ham & Gravy

Christmas meal dinner ham

View Chef John's Famous Ham Recipe >

Make the perfect ham gravy >

21 Best Ham Recipes >



Side Dish - Green Beans


Try this Green Beans with Bacon & Almonds Recipe >


Side Dish - Whole Seasoned Potatoes

Make these beautiful, soft whole potatoes sous vide style! >


Side Dish - Homemade Cheesy Mac N Cheese

Homemade Mac N Cheese recipe >


Simple Salad

simple side salad Christmas dinner

When it comes to the salad, keep it super simple.

You can do this by buying the lettuce variety packs or just throwing in a big bowl some lettuce, small cherry tomatoes, and cut up cucumbers or peppers. You may want to leave off the onions in case there are people who don't like them or allergic.

Have two salad dressings available for your guests like Ranch and Italian or French.


Christmas Ham Leftovers

You can easily save the entire ham in a gusseted vacuum seal bag or separate into individual size portions using the pint size or quart size vacuum seal bags.

Christmas ham leftovers vacuum seal gusseted bag

Christmas ham leftovers pint quart vacuum seal bags


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