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5 Life Hacks For Keeping Your Freezer Organized

Posted on March 18 2015

For people with fully stocked freezers, keeping all of the contents organized and easy to access can be tough. How many times have you cleaned out months-old, freezer-burned foods you misplaced in the mess? Making a few simple adjustments can turn your freezer from an unorganized money pit into a dinner idea center! We put together a list of five life hacks to help you keep your freezer organized: 

1. Use your vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealer machines are essential for keeping frozen foods orderly and protected from freezer burn. The airtight vacuum seal process makes the bags small and easy to store. Use your vacuum sealer to preserve foods, like meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and you'll likely create space. FoodVacBags vacuum sealer bags are clear, so you shouldn't have a hard time telling what's in each one, but it's a good idea to label them with the food the package contains and the initial date of freezing - a Sharpie works perfectly!

2. Find appropriate-sized containers

For very full freezers, the shelves that are already in place aren't good enough for keeping everything tidy. Look for plastic organizer bins and containers that you can use to sort foods into categories: One for meats, one for fruits and berries, etc. That way, you'll never have to struggle to find what you're looking for under a huge pile of other frozen foods.

3. Keep liquids flat to freeze

A chamber sealer machine is great for packaging liquid foods, like leftover soups and stews that you can freeze to eat another time. However, after the liquids are packaged into airtight bags, allow them to freeze while laying flat before putting them in a specific container or on a shelf. Flat bags of frozen soup are much more manageable and are easily stacked.

4. Package small portions

Even though sealing a full family meal into one gallon-size bag is quick and easy, using smaller FoodVacBags pint vacuum sealer bags to package individual portions will make things a lot easier when you're ready to eat the food again. That way you don't have to take the whole thing out of the bag, undo the seal, thaw, and reseal - you can remove a single portion at a time.

5. Utilize your ice trays

There are a lot of creative ways to use ice trays to freeze things, so if you have a few extra that tend to sit unused in your freezer, make use of them. Pour olive oil and herbs into each section to use the cubes for quick sauteing. Or freeze almost-expired eggs to use for baking later on.

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