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The Benefits of Using Oxygen Absorbers

Posted on December 07 2017


Anyone shopping at is looking to preserve their foods, or perhaps valuable non-food items. Food preservation, when done properly, has the ability to keep items fresh for months or years longer than traditional food storage methods. Using oxygen absorbers can help to extend the freshness of your foods as well as preserve your non-food items. Here are some ways to use oxygen absorbers:


In conjunction with vacuum sealer bags

When vacuum sealing foods, use oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen from the sealed vacuum bags. Oxygen absorbers help to prevent molding and the growth of aerobes, does not mix with food, and significantly extends the shelf life of your items.


In conjunction with storage containers

Oxygen absorbers can also be used with deli containers or storage containers and canisters. They will keep fresh the items that you may not want to crush by vacuum sealing. Oxygen absorbers can be exposed to oxygen in very short timeframes- so if you open your container, remove your items, and then close the container- the oxygen absorber will still retain its functionality.

storage containers food storage oxygen absorbers for deli containers


To preserve non-food items

Historical documents, art, and other precious artifacts can be harmed by the presence of oxygen- leading to rapid deterioration, mildew, mold, and other contaminants. When properly used, oxygen absorbers can reduce the oxygen level in the surrounding environment to approximately 0.01%.

oxygen absorbers for non-food items such as books


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