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Top 6 Hunting & Fishing Vacuum Seal Tips

Posted on October 04 2018

Vacuum sealing isn't just for after you've got the meat from hunting!


There are so many ways that you can use your vacuum sealer to save time and money during your hunting season.



1.Scent Killers

Controlling and eliminating a person's smell is one of the top priorities and basic skills of a hunter. There are many different types and smells available depending on the type of hunting being done.

To keep these odor eliminators (or attractors) from spilling or mixing, hunters prefer to keep them wrapped separately or to vacuum seal them in zipper bags.


2. First Aid Supplies

Having a first aid supply is a must, but be sure to keep them sealed tight to keep them waterproof and sanitary for use. This way if you don't need them, you have them vacuum sealed to be used for many years without the worry of the items going bad, drying out or disintegrating. (We suggest keeping track of expiration dates for aspirin, gauze, and band-aids and replacing every 3 years).


3. Fire Starters & Kits

You also want to keep your fire starters & kits dry so they are ready to use at a moments notice, without any dampness issues or broken pieces. This is why vacuum sealing them is a great option for hunters and allows for use now or kept for years safe and dry.


4. Food & Snacks

No hunter wants to make noises while unwrapping their food or snacks. This is why you can use the zipper vacuum seal bags to seal up protein items, snack bars, trail mixes and more. Just easily tear them open and zip them up. Not only is this a great alternative to create your own snacking options, but this reduces the noise you make opening up wrappers and scaring away animals.


5. Maps

Easily vacuum seal your map (or if you prefer you can laminate) so your map doesn't get wet or torn during your hunting trip.


6. Lures & Bait

Nothing like keeping those lures, baits, tackle or other hunting decoys soft, squirmy or fresh during your hunting or fishing trip. Keep them separated in smaller pint size vacuum seal bags or even different size deli containers (shown in top image).


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