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Hunting Equipment & Gear Checklist

Posted on October 08 2018

Never forget any of your hunting equipment again!

From deer hunting to bow hunting, there is so much to learn and stock up to start your hunting journey. Hunting and fishing are not only for sport or hobby but in most states are to help regulate the wildlife population.

Once you get the basics for your type of hunting, you can simply upgrade as your skills improve and your budget allows for some cool and fancy new hunting gear and gadgets!

Your beginner hunting equipment can vary depending upon the type of hunting or fishing you are doing. You can read more about the different types of hunting and fishing here.


Hunting Gear Must Have List For Beginners

View PDF version by clicking the download checklist button below.

download free hunting equipment gear checklist

Apparel/Clothing -  Camouflage & Orange








Bone Saw



  • Compound Bow
  • Recurve Bow


Bug Repellants


Calls - Bird, Deer & Elk


Camera - Trail Camera

  • A trail camera is a remote camera placed by a hunter in order to avoid disturbing nearby prey. They are used to track game, so they are best when designed to be sturdy and weatherproof




Fire Starters & Kits

    • Some great essentials to consider keeping in your bag to make fire starting east are firesteel, magnesium starter, petroleum jelly smeared cotton balls, strike anywhere matches and a zippo lighter. 


First Aid Supplies

    • First aid kit (you can never be overly cautious in our book)
    • Bandaids
    • Ointment
    • Gauze
    • Water Purification (see *Hydration below)


    Flashlights & Batteries



      • Protein-packed foods are great for hunting to keep your energy up.
      • Granola bars
      • Fruit snacks
      • Dried fruit
      • Trail mix
      • Nuts
      • Warning! We DON'T recommend beef jerky (although we love it) because you want to avoid anything with meat scents as the smell can scare off prey and also draw in predators.
      • And remember to have all of your items stored already unwrapped as to avoid the loud noise that wrappers can make.
      • Easily store all foods in zip-bags or easy tear vacuum sealed bags to quietly remove and snack/eat.


      Guns & Ammo




      Hydration (Water)

        • Water bladder
        • A water purification system is a great bonus! The iodine pill type are small and lightweight, but could save your life if lost or if your water bladder gets punctured (that happened to me once, it’s no fun)




          Ladder Stood - Kit & Tools


          Mapping Essentials

            • GPS
            • Compass
            • Phone & Phone Charger


            Phone Essentials 

            • Try and bring a solar charger if you have one, but a cell phone is good to have on hand for anything ranging from an emergency to getting help with a larger animal
            • Phone Chargers - Multiple




            Rifle Scopes


            Rope & Nylon Cords

              • There are many types of ropes and rope strength out there, but as long as you have a sturdy one for hunting purposes, it will do. You may not anticipate needing rope, however, situations always come up when you’ll wish you had packed some. And because there is really no substitute for rope in the wilderness, and it doesn’t weigh a lot or take up a lot of room, it’s a great thing to pack. A rope is also useful in case you have to camp overnight away from camp to help you while building a quick shelter.


            Scent Killer


            Scopes - Rifle Scopes


            Scopes- Night Vision Scope


            Sharpening Stone



              • One can easily be built using a 5×7 nylon tarp, 20 feet of paracord or nylon rope and a swiss army knife. In terms of keeping warm, you may want to invest in a bivy sack; but to save on the bulk keep an emergency space blanket in your pack.


            Surveyors Tape


            Survival Guide

              • Emergencies and accidents happen, so it's best to have this in your backpack just in case. And, it's something to read between staring at squirrels chasing each other and long wait times.



              • Toilet Paper
              • Wetnaps
              • Paper towel


            Trash Bags

              • Just remember to use heavier duty bags that may make less noise when opening, to avoid scaring off animals.


            Walkie Talkies - If it's more than just one person


            Weapons - Your choice for your hunt

              • Guns
              • Knives
              • Bows


            Wire Cutters & Pruner

              • If you have you ever been on a hunt and come across an old, abandoned wire fence that you needed to pass through but couldn't, a wire cutter can be your best friend. Sometimes we want to get through these annoying obstacles like wire fences, thorn bushes, or other thick brush you want to clear out to have the perfect “blind” while you’re on a bow or turkey hunt.


            Zip Ties

              • This may seem like a surprising item to toss into your back, but zip-ties can be used for a number of different options. For instance, they can be used to attach the tag to the carcass, tying branches out back, temporarily attaching things to your backpack or tree-stand, attaching lure dispensers to branches, and even quick and simple fixes.


            Zipper-Seal Bags

              • Essential For storing used scent and lure items like drag rags or scent wicks. Placing them in zipper-seal or vacuum seal bags can significantly combat the rest of your items soaking in the stench.


            Extra Hunting Gear

              • Insulated seating pad
              • Metal screw-in tree steps
              • Light compact pistol
              • Wind power direction checker
              • Pen and Paper: For filling out tags and just plain handy.
              • Hand Warmers: Essential especially during the cold seasons.
              • Books or magazine: Let’s face it, sometimes the hunt can take an extremely long time and you can only stare at so many squirrels for so long.
              • Trekking Poles: Especially, if you are heading into higher country, having a good set will make your life significantly easier.
              • Belt: Can be used as a tourniquet, or simply to hold items to your waist. You would be surprised as to the number of uses that you can find for a belt when it comes down to it.
              • Urine Bottle: In the event that it is inconvenient for you to leave your stand.
              • Bear Mace Spray: You are in the woods stalking your prey, but who knows what may be stalking you. While you, of course, have your gun, Bear Mace is a great added option to keep close by your side just in case.
              • Snare and Fishing Gear: Be sure to carry a small snare and fishing gear or learn how to create your own in the wilderness in case you need it.
              • Wilderness Survival Guide


            download free hunting equipment gear checklist


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