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Why Hunters Need a Vacuum Sealer

Posted on October 06 2018

 Why hunters need a vacuum sealer seal sealing

Every hunter knows that the plan is to get meat.... and lots of it. You can come back from your hunting trip with over 20lbs of meat that needs to be eaten, sold or saved within the first 7-10 days.

By using a vacuum sealer, every hunter can store their meat for an extended amount of time (as much as 2-4 years longer than normal shelf/freezer storage without having been vacuum sealed). 

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     Benefits of Using a Vacuum Sealer for Hunting

    • The meat is as fresh as the day you vacuum sealed it
    • There will be no change in the appearance, texture and color of your meat despite long storage
    • No freezer burn which can discolor meat
    • If you put flavors or spices on it, like curing bacon, vacuum seal makes it more flavorful
    • The smell will not ‘infect’ the freezer and the other foods inside
    • You can already portion your meat to smaller servings so you don’t have to thaw a whole chunk and return what is not used after cooking
    • If you are selling your meat, a vacuum sealed pack can fetch premium price because it already facilitates the safe storage of the meat for your buyer.


    Vacuum Sealing Steps

    1. Clean and cut the meat thoroughly
    2. Place inside vacuum seal bags for vacuum sealing.
    3. Vacuum seal completely. This process removes the air from the bag, and you would see the bag shrink into a tight seal around the food. The absence of air prevents the food from spoiling.
    4. Use a marker to write the type of meat and date.
    5. Always check that air is completely out and place in freezer for storage.



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    Sources and excerpts from BowNinjas. View more amazing hunting tips at


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